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I need a new hair color. I have 3 months of regrowth, perfect guide on what color to choose.
I don't like to rant much, especially on here in front of everyone, but I need to. I am so fed up with this college Spanish class I have to take to transfer to university later on. Let me start by saying that the area I live in is beyond culturally dead. There is no variety or vibrancy to this area in the slightest. So, given that, the fact that we are at midterm in this class and can hold basic conversation amongst ourselves is pretty neat.
 Today, the instructor singled me out (I can write things better than I can speak due to anxiety) and singled out another student who works (they are absent yet try to have work done and things memorized). Then, when we had trouble with some reviews of new material, she made unnecessary comments and stormed out of the class.
I don't recommend pushing my buttons, regardless of who you are.
Plus I knew the review. But I knew what she was doing so I stopped cooperating. I'm a mirror. How you treat me will be how I treat you. Don't get a taste of your own medicine and say I poisoned you.
Antibiotics are starting to kick in. Feeling better and no more nausea :)
Just tired.
Keep the secrets..anonymity is key.
  Clean up the mess. Don't leave evidence.
  Find any survivors and bring them back to be finished off.

  These three basic rules of vampirisim were the cornerstone of their entire existence. These rules kept vampires safe and out of the public eye for the most part. It was harder to function as normal people, so vampires often held positions of high societal respect or were entertainers. It made covering evidence and never getting caught much easier.
  All that was about to change. One witness was all it took.
  Carlton Bost was out with his friends to celebrate a birthday among them. Ashburn Miller made it clear he was after blood. They scanned the bar crowd for easy pickings, like a groupie or someone insignificant. Carlton managed to land eyes on one young woman who tended to hang out on the sidelines. Uninterested in the attention of everyone else, the lady tended to slip outside to smoke often. As she stuffed her hand in her purse looking for a cigarette, Carlton finished his Jack Daniels and Coke drink and elbowed Ash.
  "Hey, found one for you. I'll be right back," he explained before slipping away to follow her. The scent trail of her vanilla bean perfume lead him right to her. Ash nodded, and idly sipped a beer.
  "I'll be there in five."
  It didn't take much work. In no time at all, Carlton retreated to a safe distance while Ash moved in to bleed her dry.
  Ash Miller went in for a bite, believing the stranger to be drunk and unsteady. She was not, however, and she was willing to fight back. The usual methods did no good, so Ash used his last resort.
  He pinned her to the side of the building by her throat, but she brought her knee up into his crotch. A sharp wave of pain shot through his body, but it only made him angry. He squeezed her neck and she lost strength, but as her adrenaline kicked in, she was able to hold him back. But barely. He was inches from her throat, but the stranger was insisting to live.
  Ash lunged at her in a last ditch effort, biting but just nicking the surface. A small wimper caught Ash off guard and he dropped the woman in his possession. His head snapped towards the left to see a shocked woman who had seen everything. A beer bottle slipped from her delicate fingers in shock.
  Like a slow motion movie, she turned and took off in a sprint.

  Carlton was still mad over a year later. Ash had failed to find the girl from the club, but his luck was about to change. Not long after the following birthday, he managed to locate the witness.
  More like she found him.
  She wasn't what he remembered. She was tired, with dark circles under her eyes and she never smiled. She was thinner and didn't seem to see anything. A thousand yard stare.
  "How did you find me?" Ash questioned her, keeping some distance between them. She let out a long sigh befitting of a living zombie. Depression, Ash Miller finally realized, she was suffering from depression.
  "I didn't. Someone else did. Slim guy with long black hair."
  Carlton had found her and brought her here. Ash nodded, and beckoned her towards him. That vanilla bean perfume was intoxicating.
  "About a year ago, you saw something you shouldn't have. It ends here."
  She agreed. "Please. Just do it."
  Beforehand, he asked her name.
  "Aerin," she told him quietly.
  Ash Miller reached out his hand and she took hit reluctantly. "Follow me. I have a more fitting place for this than here."

  He took her to his home, thinking that this would really be the end of the issue. Ash coaxed Aerin into his bedroom, and she perched on the edge of his long size bed. He searched through his drawers, looking for something he wouldn't mind staining with blood. Ash pulled his current tee shirt up over his head and tossed it aside. Quickly, he slipped into a black tee shirt that had no wording or decoration. Aerin shrugged off her zippered black hoodie and kicked off her sneakers. Ash watched her carefully, stepping out of his favorite black Converse sneakers.
  "So you're completely okay with this..?"
  He shouldn't have asked but he did. He couldn't resist not knowing. Aerin swallowed hard, staring up at him with intense green eyes.
  "Yes. What I saw has drove me to the edge. I couldn't tell anyone..I couldn't even get help because I knew it wouldn't do any good," she explained, a dark tone in her voice. Her lower lip quivered as he approached her.
  "I'll make it as painless as I can. You're scared..that's okay," he reassured her, reaching down to touch her cheek. She took a deep breath and gave no resistance as he gently pushed her onto her back on the bed. Positioned carefully over his prey, he ran his fingers through her pretty hair as he got closer to her throat. Aerin squeezed her eyes shut and wrapped her arms around his waist. But he didn't bite her just yet. A gentle kiss was placed on her neck, making tingles race over her skin.
  "Wait..I thought you were going to-"
  Aerin's words were cut short with a kiss. While her body was relaxed, Ash made his move back to her throat.
  Wait a minute.
  "Before this goes any further, what did you say your name was?" Ash questioned her suspiciously.
  Aerin repeated her name, but turned her head or stared at his chest when asked her last name. Angry, he grabbed her face and made her look him in the eyes.
  "No..fucking..way..oh no! You're staying right here!" Ash yelled at her, holding her down before handcuffing her to the bed. She screamed, terrified.
  "What are you doing?!!"
  Quickly, Ash called a friend, Jay Gordon. He told him everything and as soon as he dropped her name, the game changed. He hung up and turned towards her.
  "You're staying right fucking there til your father comes to get you. He's on his way and he is pissed!"

  Jay Gordon stood shaking in his friend's living room. He hasn't seen his oldest daughter in nearly 3 years. She was 25 and a rebel just like her old man. When Ashburn Miller asked why so long without contact, his buddy lowered his head into his hands.
  "She hates me.."
  "Who I am..what I am. She's like her mom..she's a normal person..but she's always wanted to be like me. I explained to her that there was no way I was gonna let her do she put herself in a bad position," Jay explained, his tall frame burdened under sadness.
  Ash shifted his weight from one foot to the other, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. "Uh, I kissed her. Thought you should know."
  Jay chuckled. "Hey man..she's a grown woman. Nothing I could do about it. No harm done. She likes you good for her."
  He led his friend to where he kept Aerin from running off. She was angry and let him know.
  "Let me go! You're supposed to-"
  She froze when she saw her father. He was just as she remembered, just a little more worn out. A flame of anger flared in her belly once again.
  "Why did he stop?! He is suppose to change me! Or something!!"
  Jay stood firm. "He has too much respect for you..for me. He called as soon as he recognized your name."
  Ash released her on the grounds that she wouldn't get violent. She sat up and rubbed her wrists, giving them both a dirty look.
  "Give him permission, then. This is what I want." Aerin turned her attention to Ash. "Do you need his blessing or something?"
  Ash turned away and stared out the window.
  Jay hugged his oldest, and most often troublesome adult daughter. She was resistant at first, but finally she caved. She told her dad everything she saw, what it did to her, and how guilty she was for cutting all contact.
  "What should I do, daddy? I'm scared," she whimpered like a toddler, wiping her eyes.
  "You need to ask Ash that question. It's up to him."
  Ash was still staring blankly out his bedroom window, chewing his lip ring. "I guess."
  Jay stood up. "I'll leave you to it. Keep me updated."
  Ash remained avoidant. "I'll have her call when its all over."

  Aerin willingly complied with everything he told her to do. Ash was careful and gentle, and right before he finally bit her, she shied away.
  "C-can I have another kiss?"
  "If you want to."
  Despite his robotic mood, she pulled his head down and kissed him firmly on the mouth. Ash couldn't help himself, and it didn't help that Aerin had her hands up his shirt digging her nails into his back. She playfully nibbled on his lower lip.
  "Are you sure all you want is a kiss?" Ash teased her, smirking. Aerin remained silent, wrapping her legs around his. She smiled when a blush spread over his cheeks.
  "Eh..what the hell why not?" she encouraged him, tugging him down on top of her.
  He was more than happy to oblige.

  A week later, once the changing process was through, Ash revealed Aerin to his circle of friends. Carlton Bost was absolutely floored.
  "Talk about a plot twist!"
Funny conversation I walked into:
Instructor: Hey! I need you to stop by my office at some point.
Me: Okay cool. I will after speech if I have the time
Annoying student: I feel like she's gonna be one that will eventually stab me with a pen.
Instructor: Nah. She'll make no bones about it. She'll just pepper spray you and laugh.
Student I like: Nah. She's nice. She really is. On most days anyways.
I need a new hair color. I have 3 months of regrowth, perfect guide on what color to choose.


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I am a college student currently studying Criminal Justice, focusing on substance abuse issues. I am an amateur writer, makeup artist, and I practice hair coloring skills in myself and brave friends. I have a wonderful husband who is a United States Marine Corps veteran. I am also an avid reader, animal activist, and transitioning vegan.

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